Create a twinkling starry night sky?

How would I create a twinkling starry night sky? Maybe in a background?
Thanks for your help.

I was very happy to find this post because I really need to have twinkling stars in my scene, but I wasn’t able to make it work by following the instructions given in the blog.

Can you please explain this in a little more detail?

What order to I put the Glow and Sparkle nodes in? (I’ve tried every way I can think of, but I must be missing something)

How do I Keyframe Scale, Radius, Intensity? Most of these parameters don’t seem to be in my nodes.

Thanks for your help with this!


P.S. If you can make any suggestions regarding making a car tire spin while it’s approaching at an angle, that would be great too. Thanks!!

The drawing of dots (stars) should be input to the Sparkle node and then the Sparkle output dragged into the Glow node and then the Glow output to the composite.

In the timeline it should look like:

∇ Drawing
L ∇✰ Sparkle
L ∇✰ Glow

To the right of those layers is a + symbol, when you click on that the parameters of those layers will show up.

So, for example the Sparkle node in the timeline will have the first parameter that will look like this:

< + > Start angle 0.000. You can set a keyframe by clicking on the “+” icon that is in-between the “< >” icons, then move your cursor to the 0.000 field and click and drag to increase/decrease the value. Then move to another frame and click the + icon again to set a keyframe, and change the value. Those “< >” icons let you move back and forth between keyframes that you set.

Create a Layer with a few dots in different sizes (your stars).
Connect a Sparkle- and a Glow-Node.
Start with a Factor-Value of about 0.4.
Keyframe Scale, Radius, Intensity etc. to your liking.
Clone the Layer a few times, then drag it forward a few frames.
(This will create some randomness of the sparkle)

Thank you so much!

I am just learning TB Harmony and I have to get more info on this node.

But, it was a very disrupting thought that would distract me from the Adam Phillips,
“How to” book that I am learning TB Harmony from.


Can I do it with Hamony Essential?

Not really, Harmony Essentials doesn’t have the node view nor does it contain a sparkle effect.
You do have access to the glow effect using Harmony Essentials.