create a track

I want to make a animation, where a pencil is drawing a figure. My first idea was to lay a motion path over the drawing line. But my problem is, that i don´t see a possibility to animate the line as a growing line or path, like a pencil creates a line. My experiments with mask effects failed. So i thought, there could be a possibility work with any form of scripts???

Thanks for help!!



There currently is not any way to draw path on which you will attach elements. This being said you could set your peg path before hand instead of actually drawing the path.

This being said I am not quite sure if this is exactly what you are looking for.

As for the scripting there is no actual scripting tool inside of Toon Boom Studio.



Read this article and you might figure out a great solution using a Subtractive animation technique. Sometimes solutions are really not as complicated as we start out thinking they will be. -JK

Subtractive animation technique


I´am trying to work with your tips. But my Problem is, that want to take a drawing on paper, these are artworks from children, which i would like to use for an intro in a film. When i have a solution, i will public it here.