Create a custom hotkey for tool properties


I’m trying to create custom hotkey to toggle “Show Controls” while using Contour editor.

I struggle to find OnAction reference for this option. It looks like it’s not inside menus.xml

I found how to create these custom hotkeys by adding them manually in shortcuts.xml. As long as I can find the OnAction reference in menus.xml I have no problem.

Would be super cool to give me some hints how can I find these OnAction references for specific tools.


You might have better luck asking this in Toon Boom’s Discord and contacting Support directly.



Aside from the obvious commonly used actions, I wonder why they offer certain items as shortcuts yet omit others.

There should be a way to create shortcuts based on performing the action which is not dependent upon existing shortcut options. A simple Create Shortcut Mode could be activated and you would just go through the motions of your custom shortcut. Of course warnings could be implemented alerting you of any conflicts with existing shortcuts.

Thanks o0Ampy0o!

Really appreciate your help! Will jump into Discord to see if someone can help.

Yeahh, they could have implemented a feature that allows more easily creating shortcuts / actions for stuff. Similarly like Photoshop has record actions. (and TVPaint also has a way to do that) But at least there is a way to do it with scripting / modifying those xmls :slight_smile: