Crazy lagging issue


Ive been working on a project in Animate 1 for a while and am now going back to finished scenes to add final touches…but for some reason everything seems to be running a lot slower…lagging during playback…taking a long time to shift objects about…where as a couple of weeks ago i had no problems in exactly the same scene…and suggestions would b nice…



Mac Pro-Osx snow leopard 10.6.3
ATI Radeon HD 4870
6gigs ram
2.66 ghz quad core intel xeon

Also now animate has crashed and now all the images seem to b rasterized? i really don’t know whats going on!!


You may simply have the anti-aliasing options on. You can disable them through the preferences of the software. Animate>Preferences…>OpenGL tab>uncheck both Enable checkbox by the Real-Time Antialiasing and the Full Scene Antialiasing. Then restart the application and it should remove the rasterization.

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