Crazy glitching when using bitmap layers and brushes

Hi everyone. I’ve recently upgraded to Toonboom Harmony (Advanced), and I’m having some pretty strange issues with bitmap functions.

The problem: Whenever I add a bitmap layer and start a brush stroke, the entire drawing area glitches out like crazy for no apparent reason, erratically flashing to a black/gray distorted mess. (see pictures for example)

This happens in both Harmony 12 and 14, and it makes bitmap functions absolutely unusable. Note that this triggers specifically as I’m making the stroke: the moment I lift up my pen, things return to normal. Sometimes I’m able to get maybe one or two strokes in between before it decides to flip out, but that’s about it.

I’m using Windows 10, if that helps.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Christian,

The first thing to check is your graphic card. What is the model and number?
Are your drivers up to date? Most of the times, glitches like that are related to the graphic card.

You can see the recommendations here:


Hi Marie-Eve,

I’m currently using an Intel HD Graphics 5500 ( ) I’ve made sure that the drivers are up to date as well. Unfortunately, it still does glitch.

Thanks for your time,


Since you have Silver Support, I recommend you to contact so they can troubleshoot the issue further.
You graphic card can cause glitches as it’s not fully supported, but what you have is a bit odd of an issue.