hi all -

tb4 on vista is crawling like a snail … starts quick then starts taking about 15 secs per command - one scene - some 300 frames with five elements, all drawing … tried reinstalling, stopped a ton of services, but still it is not running any faster … i’m wondering if the size of the global lib can cause the slowdown … really getting frustrated - as it used to run ok … this is not the only project that runs slow like this, all of them do …
any help or suggestions would be appreciated … thanks, dan


Did anything at all change on your machine? Did you notice this as a progressive slowdown over time or is this a day/night situation where all of a sudden everything is slow?

You might want to go check in the display tab of the preferences and play around with some of the settings there, maybe something got activated (anti-aliasing maybe) which slowdowns the software overall. Else then that we would need to know more about the situation and the tools you are having difficulties with.

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Hi Ugo -

no, just seemed to start happening … even went so far as to swap out mem sims … switched bank 0 for bank2 figuring maybe mem was failing … that project remained slow, almost dead … it was then that i brought in some others that were slow … suddenly they were faster … the one i had been working on remained slow so i deleted it and started over … seems to be fine now … not sure what the issue was or if maybe mem started failing when i was working on that one project and it somehow corrupted the file … probably just one of those vista things :slight_smile: … thanks, dan …