Crashing When Browsing Files

Hello! I just installed Harmony 21 onto my Windows laptop and am using a free trial. The app works until I attempt to import any file from my laptop or even simply browse the files, as then it completely closes out with no crash file. All I want to do is browse files on my computer so I can save the project to a different location, but as soon as it opens up my files, it crashes. I really need to be able to access my files so I can open projects or import videos, so I would really appreciate some help.


anyone find out what’s going on here? im struggling with this as well and ive been googling in circles. =[

This is happening to me also. File > Open crashes, and I’m using the latest version of Harmony on Windows 10 with all updates. The crash reported in Event Viewer has a target module of ntdll.dll and an exception code 0xc0000374 (STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION), basically guaranteed to be a bug in Harmony.

Are there things I can provide to help Toon Boom troubleshoot? I don’t see any useful logs anywhere.


Contact support if you are having issues.

exactly what is happening in toon boom when i try to import sound or export my animation, its suppose to be a powerful program and not meant to crash. how do i fix it? :disappointed:

same, im using the newest version too.

Same here, anytime I try and browse files or even open a saved scene it keeps crashing!!! Day One of my 21 Day Free Trial is not very promising!!!

Same issue as well… all I wanted to do was import sound so I can make sure my animation is in sync :frowning: