crashing TBS 2.5

Hello ToonBoom world,

I ame using TooBoomStudio now for a week and have a serious crash problem.
I work on Mac OSX G4.
I made a animation with approx. 11 layers in the “Exposure sheet” and 365 frames long, and saved it on the mac.
Now I work on it again and trie to save it…“The application has unexpectidly quit, bla bla” is the message I get, and the TBS program is killed. The work is now not saved properly.
If I open the “old” animation and save it again…same problem.
Previous saved animations I can change and save as normal.

What to do?
Thanks, Bertjan

The animation has only drawn cells in it. And for an animation not to many (I think). TB should be able to handle that.
Only black and white, lines (no color-fills).
Are painted cells, bitmaps?

I will trie to duplicate the file and see if I can save that.

I’ll let you know.
thaks for the reply.

I just had a look at the project.
The cells are approx 4k each and there are no bitmaps used.
The whole sequence (.tbpb file) is 1.2 Mb

I don’t know how to copy the work.
Even when I don’t chance anything and save it with a new name, the program will crash…

cheers, bertjan

This is what I do if I have a file start to go bad 1st thing is to shut your computer completely off for about a minute and try again 2 if toon boom refuses to make a back-up make a copy using finder and rename I do that all the time. 3 if you have to rebuild the file than make a templet of the set up and save it to the global library and copy the layers there as well then open all that in a new project it sounds like a pain to do all that but it doesn’t take that long to do and is better than loosing all your hard work. one more tip make a back-up copy of the toon boom global library as well you will find it in the user document folder in finder just copy and paste it somewhere every so often. it just takes a piece of lost or corrupt information to mess things up


Here we go,

I tried to copy the file. Could copy it but, rename it, open it but when I saved it again… it crashes.

Shut down mac… no result.

Copy elements to library and import them in new animation. That works but now the timing is completely gone.
I could save it now! (no crash)

I just do some more tricks.
See what happens.

Thanks so far, en bedankt

Yes… problem solved!
We had to format and re-install the complete Mac but it worked.
I can now read the corrupted file and save it again!

thanks for your help,