crashing!PLEASE HELP!!

This is my week from hell…

I stayed up all night to meet a deadline … all I had left to do is move some dialogue and action notes. I opened the horizontal view and started dragging the dialogue from the imported script. After about 2 hours the spinning rainbow of death started spinning. It crashed and I had not saved the the work I had done all night. I lost all drawings and script additions. The production is not happy. I have spent the whole day trying to at least place the dialogue on what has been saved so I could send them something for the editor to work on today. But every time I drag type from a script in the horizontal set up,I’m able to work for an hour or so and then it crashes!
I have had no sleep and am sitting here trying to get this dialogue in place and it keeps crashing.

I am so frustrated … any thoughts???
I have attached my crash report

This is not enough info to go on but it’s possible that you exceeded the system’s memory if you had not saved at all in the 2 hours.

Could it have been an accidental mis-drag to somewhere (i meant instead of the intended target location) that could have done it?

I’ve had trouble with SBPro cashing, but less so with version 4.0. I think you did overload the memory. That is why I have it set to save automatically every 10 mins. Also, when I start to see the “rainbow of death” a lot, I Optimize my project. Just make sure you uncheck the “Flatten Drawings” and “Reduce Resolution” boxes unless you don’t mind that. Flattening all the layers you can will make things easier too.