CRASHING crashing and more crashing

I bought ToonBoom studio 5 last year having checked that my PC met the spec.

So I was really dissapointed when the first time I began creating a project it crashed without warning and I lost hours of work.

I emailed support who basically just said - well… crashes should be very rare.

They said the usual stuff about are you using heavy vector files etc. To be honest I didn’t know - I didn’t think so.

I adjusted the preferences for the project to lower quality etc and tried again…but this programme just crashes all the time on me even on basic little ‘pencil tool’ drawn cells with hardly any detail.

It runs slow it crashes without warning, to be frank its unusable.

It has crashed while exporting, while trying to save, while trying to use the eraser tool, the paint tool, while trying to delete a scene and mostly there isn’t any kind of error message at all.

Like a fool I did not try before I bought because the product had the features I wanted I never dreamed it wouldn’t actually work as I never purchased a bit of software that didn’t.

I have XP 32 bit (service pack3) a 3.06ghz processor and 1.93Gig of RAM.
My graphics card is an ATI radoen xpress200 series, which supports Direct 3D and OpenGL. I use a Wacom Intuos 3.

I have unistalled and reinstalled ToonBoom and the Wacom and its drivers.
I have followed the tips for integrated graphics cards

nothing has made any difference. Support have suggested a new graphics card but why do that if mine supposedly meets the spec just to find that it still crashes.

I am at my wits end.


Sorry to hear about all your crashes! I have Windows XP but with 4GB ram. I know that TBS can really pull on your resources. You should try getting more ram as it will only make your computer work faster and better overall. Have you checked your Task Manager to see if TBS is making it shoot up to 100%? If so, something’s messed up. I’ve had this problem with other apps, AVG Free did that to my system for some reason while others used it without problems. Try closing unnecessary processes and see if that helps. Or, sorry to suggest this, do a reformat and reinstall of your operating system.

Hi… the first thing to try, is changing the render type as follows…
From the top menu of Toon Boom Studio (TBS) :

On Windows, [Edit > Preferences > Display]; under “Renderer”, switch from OpenGL to Direct 3D, click [OK] and then close out of TBS to make sure the change is taken; then run TBS to see if your crashing is resolved…

On Mac, [Toon Boom Studio X > Preferences > Display]; under “Renderer”, switch from OpenGL to Quartz 2D, click [OK] and then close out of TBS to make sure the change is taken; then run TBS to see if your crashing is resolved…

Please note that multimedia applications using OpenGL technology, such as Toon Boom, work optimally with certain higher end graphic cards.

Integrated and express type cards are typically less performing, so if you have one, we recommend that you download the Toon Boom Studio trial version to see how it works with your graphic hardware and computer specs.

For help with the display when using this card type, please visit our kb article about Integrated Graphic Cards:

Prior to purchasing a new computer with a preinstalled card, it is a good idea to do an online search for potential issues, the same way you would do prior to a car purchase…

When purchasing a new computer where you can choose the graphic card you want, we recommend Nvidea GeForce in the mid to high range series (your retailer can help with this).

With TBS 5, if you experience crashes while using the Paint Bucket and/or while using the Scene Manager, we have identified these issues, which occur rarely and only with specific project setups. If you experience these, please write to

Best regards,