Crashing and Brush preveiw

I just bought SBPv2 a week ago and have had two issues so far. I tried to get help from tech support but all they would tell me is that my graphics card wasn’t right wich is rediculous. I have an HP laptop that is about a year old and is running windows 7 with an i5 processor. The two issues I have been having is that the program crashes a lot and the brush preveiw won’t show up at all. Can anyone help? Oh and I am working on a cintiq.Thanks

Nice try. My new computer now meets all your specs and then some and the brush preveiw and grid tool still don’t work. What is it now? Here are just a few of the specs for the new one. i7 processor. Nvidia graphics card with 1 gig of dedicated memory 6gig of ram. As hi end as you can get and yet SBP still isnt working right. Now what?

Are you working with an Intel Integrated graphics card? You really do need to have an ATI or NVidia graphics card to run the program properly, and the reason is that SB Pro v2 makes use of OpenGL, which is not supported well with the Integrated Intel cards.

The only suggestion that I have to make life a bit easier is if you’re running Windows 7 or Vista, turn off the Aero theme. Right-click on the Desktop and select Personalize, then switch it to a Basic theme.

Other than that, you really do need to meet the system requirements.


Did you turn off the Aero theme on the desktop? If that doesn’t help, please write in to so they can do some further investigation with you.