Crashes with v8.0.1 build 1513

Hi all,We’re using v8.0.1 build 1513 and we’ve noticed that once the board grows large the app starts crashing. Has anyone else noticed this? Our board is now about 82MB. We have plenty of RAM, drive space, and no other apps are running.The crashes are occurring while the user is drawing. No images have been imported or anything - everything was created directly within TBSB.Just wondering if anyone else is running into this problem as well.Thanks!Pradeep

Hi Pradeep,First thing I would try is to increase the virtual memory to an initial size of 4GB and a max size of 8GB. I know that it seems like overkill but please try this anyway. What exact graphics card are you running Storyboard with andhow much VRAM is on the card?-ron