Crashes upon opening a new scene

Every time I try to open something or create something new, no matter the setting. Harmony 14 just crashes without fail. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling; restarting the computer; opening up an existing scene I had… no luck.
I’ve even gone into AppData and deleted preference files like I saw suggested elsewhere, but that didn’t do it either.

If I don’t get this sorted before the semester starts in September it’s going to be a problem


Hi Arlowa,

Can you tell me which version of Windows do you have?
Have you tried to create a new scene in a different path?
Can you verify if in the paths (path of the software installation, path of the files) there is any unicode symbol? For example: accent (é à), space between words, &, %

Working on Windows 7
I was installing to the default installation path — Program Files (86x)

I’ve tried saving them to the My Documents folder, making new folders within that… saving them in pictures…
I’ll try installing it somewhere else?

If you click the arrow next to “View Details” (in the crash
report window) it will give details as to why it’s crashing.

Try creating a project on your desktop.
Try naming the project simply “test”

What is the name of the user you are using on Windows? The name of the user can also affect the path.

Username is just my name. It WAS working for a time…?

Here’s the first and latest problem reports

(It stopped showing the window where I can “view details”… It just goes straight to crashing)

That appears to be a library file used by a graphic card driver
for AMD/ATI graphic cards that’s causing the crash.

Try re-installing the graphic card driver for your card (or
an older version if that doesn’t fix the problem). If that
still does not fix the problem, contact support to assist.

It was able to open a scene!!
Gosh, thank you so much!