Crashes my GFX Card

Every time I use animate ple, my gfx card shuts down and tells me its recovered but the animate program throws an exception and crashes losing my work.
This is the only program that causes the GFX card such a problem and seems to happen about once an hour.l

My pc Dell intel xeon 32bit 2.5ghz 4gb ram with Nvidia Quadro FX570.

Does Animate have an auto-save function or a recover function?

I have the same problem to but it crashes in just a few minuets ???

Well, I did what I should of done before posting, updated my video card drivers and it seems to be cured!

Dont rely on windows update to supply the latest, I went straight to Nvidia site and they had a newer one than the update was offering.

I’m glad this solves your problem, that was what I was going to suggest first. Computers are often shipped with factory drivers, and can have all sorts of problems like not laying the line down at the same time as you draw, etc.