Crashes, Library and Scene Qureies

Hello all. The cartoon I’ve been working on for 6 months now is getting a little long (1400 frames a whole 70 seconds). And I have been suffering occasional crashes, particularly during playback (the one you get into by hitting the enter button). My system has: Windows XP with AMD Turion 64X2 @1.6MHZ and 896Mb Ram. I’m running TN 4.0. Could increasing the ram lessen the crashes?
Anyway, I’m about to bring a second character into the scene and I’m worried that the extra stuff (fully rigged from 4 angles) will cause more crashes. I was thinking starting a new scene with the new character. The theory being that when I enter playback by hitting the enter button it will only play the second scene and thus crash less often. Is this theory hogwash?
Which brings me to my next question. I started to make a new scene and discovered the templates that were in the first scene are not there. So would I need to store the templates from the first scne in the library and then retrieve them into the second scene? And when I store a character in the template library, it stores all of the frames that that character has been in. I only want to store that character and its elements (you know Mouth A, Mouth B . . . ). Probably just something ham handed I’m doing.
A pre thanks for any help.


Concerning the crash this is most likely related to the fact your computer cannot hold much more in a single scene as you were expecting. After 1000 frames I usually recommend people to create a new scene (in the same project) and continue on working on that new scene.

As you were mentioning an increase of ram would help quite a lot for everything in a single scene is cached in the Ram to allow using the playback button.

Now for your question, by new scene did you make a new scene in the same project or did you make a new project? If you simply made a new scene saving your templates in the Local Library should allow you to reach them throughout the project. If you made a new project you would need to drop your material to the Global Library instead.

Now I am also not quite sure how you are dropping your templates in the library but in theory if you want to bring a character to your library you should select a single frame of all of the pieces of your character (in one single selection) and drag and drop it in your library. This should bring the full character in that specific pose you selected to your library.

Hopefully this will help you solve your stability/library issues.

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Thanks Ugo. Worked like a charm. I was dragging the title of the element from the Timeline into the library instead of just one frame. And I ordered more RAM. Thanks