crashes launching 5 on XP

I upgraded to v5.0 and installed the download. I’m having a lot of problem with getting a gpf when I’m trying to launch toonboom studio. Sometimes toonboom comes up anyway, sometimes it exits immediately. I also normally get a gpf error when I’m exiting.

My system is a Windows XP tablet edition on a toshiba laptop. I’m normally using a wacom graphire 2 tablet for graphical input/mouse usage. I’m using dual monitors on the laptop and both displays are set at 1440x900.

Is there more information that would be helpful at diagnosing/fixing the problem? I also have v 2.0 installed on the same system at the moment.

Any suggestions on what to try would be appreciated.


I just tried uninstalling both and then reinstalling 5.0 and did not have my results change…

- Bill


It might have something to do with the graphic card. Try changing the Renderer used in the Edit>Preferences>Display tab. You may also want to play around with the memory usage for this may also affect the stability of the software under your machine.

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