Crashes anyway

Hi! I saw an tutorial showing how TB Animate works and I’d be really excited to work on it. So, I downloaded TB Animate to test it before I buy it, but I get myself really desappoint with the program because he crashes every time.
I’d make a test in my 2 PC’s with the same result, he keeps crashing.
I had disabled everyting in openGL panel, but didn’t make any difference.

PC 1:
Windows Vista Ultimate (64bit)
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ ~2.2GHz
2046MB RAM
ATI Radeon X1650PRO (512mb) AGP

PC 2:
WIndows XP PRO +SP2(32bit)
AMD Sempron Processor 1.6GHz
1024MB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE

Even just open the program and doing nothing, when get about 3 or 6 minutes he crashes.

PS: Sorry my bad english.

The PC 1 can be crashed due to the video card.

The PC 2, it may work as long as it has enough vRAM (128 MB or higher - check the hardware configuration). Try update the driver of your 6150 SE if it pass the requirement. Also find out if there is any pattern to make it crash on PC 2.