Crashes and frames disappeared


I’m new to harmony, i use it for a quick project where i recently made 2 different shots of my animation (so 2 files).
Everything was working well until today, i opened one of the file and it told me that there was missing images and on the viewport, everything was blank.

I still have the frames and layer but they are empty. I can still draw on it even if on this specific file, harmony keep crashing (i try creating a new project and it was working perfectly).
I saw that in the file of the project there was some of the docs with ∼ in the name, could it be the source of the problem.

To solve the problem i tried to reinstall harmony but it didn’t changed anything, i managed to export the tvg frames from the element folder to a new project and it worked.
Is there a way to avoid having those kind of bug ? I searched on forums and saw that it was maybe because of error during saving causing the file to be corrupt.
(sorry for my english if it’s not right, it’s not my native langage)

Thanks in advance if you can help me or have a clue on what is going on

Just to update the topic, the next day, all the files were working perfectly again. i didn’t do anything. So i continued the animation but today i opened them and had the same bug again, all the frames being blank and error message telling me “images failed to load”.
I really need some help please, to finish the project