crash !!

Crashed again - this time I believe it was as I was moving the static camera. there is something not stable about sbpro 4 - Please can you look into this . I think this is my 5th total crash in just over a week . I really don’t want to have to go back to sbpro 2 - in fact i can’t because sbpro4 is not backward compatible . HELP PLEASE.

Making a general statement like “there is something not stable about sbpro 4” isn’t very helpful. Perhaps describing the issue you are having in more detail might be better. If you think there is a bug - describe the steps to reproduce it.

Crashing can be due to a variety of factors Graphic card, use of “special” characters, not optimizing large projects, version of Quicktime, file permissions… I recommend you contact support to have a look at your project to determine the cause.