Crash whenever I use multiple Write nodes

Using Licensed Animate Pro on Mac. Trying to separate characters in scene for compositing in external application. Any time I use multiple Write nodes in my network, it crashes immediately after render. Rendering HD Quicktimes with alpha. At least the render finishes, but I am wondering why the crash? Are image sequences less troublesome?

Yes, it crashes with just 5 frames.
PowerMac tower 2*2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
6GB ram
OS 10.6.4 snow leopard.
Tried rendering over network or Local, always crashes.

I have found that I don’t have crash problems with image sequences in my 5 frame test, so it’s probably exclusive to movie exports. Hope that helps. Thanks for addressing it!

If you do a really simple scene, with multiple write nodes, does it crash? Does it crash systematically, or only sometimes? What kind of Mac are you using?

Does it do the same kind of crash even if you render less frames? Say, 5 frames?

I’m running some tests here to see if I can get the same results.


I was able to reproduce the crash, so I’ve reported it to the team and we’re investigating it further now. Thanks for letting us know!