crash when 'Snap Last Key Frame' is on


I noticed that Studio 3.5.058 crashes if I have Tools > ‘Snap Last Key Frame’ selected and then click ‘Add Keyframe’ in the Timeline.

In one tutorial ‘Snap Last Key Frame’ is asked to be used, causing a crash when trying to go through that tutorial. Ok, I know how to avoid it now, just thought to mention this.

This happens in WinXp.

Hi Pekkak,

This issue as been addressed in the upcoming patch to be release in the beginning of year 2007. In the meantime the best solution is to disable to function.

Thank you,


Hi Angryman,

What you have encountered with the deleting keyframe is the same issue that the one previously mentioned. The Snap Last Keyframe issue is specific to some situation but as long as you have a last keyframe on your element the application should be fine. This might be why you did not encounter this situation before. In any case, if you do not need it to be triggered I would suggest to simply keep it off for the time being.

For the moment the best way to be informed about the known issue for Toon Boom Studio v3.5 is by looking for it in the forum. We plan on updating the Knowledge base for v3.5 soon.

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