Crash when creating new (first) scene

I got the 21 day trial of Harmony Essentials from the Toonboom website. I put a scene name into the “Name:” box (“NewScene”), however Windows 10 shoots out the uniform “Toon Boom Harmony Essentials has stopped working”. I’ve tried changing the scene name, I’ve tried changing the directory to the “Toon Boom Animation” folder in “Program Files (x86)” in the C: drive, and creating a new folder entirely on Desktop, but everything pumps out the same message.

Oddly, after putting in a scene name, watching the program have an existential crisis and then trying again, entering the same scene name presents “A scene folder with the same name already exists. Please choose another name”. I’ve gone to the location of my directory folder (Desktop) and it presents the scene as a folder that contains three more options: “environments”, “frames” and “jobs” - all of which are also folders. The “Open a Scene” section on the far right of the Welcome screen window is empty and following through the “Open” feature does the same thing as above.

I really want to get using this software before this eats into the trial period too much. Any help?

Check for the details of the crash in the Windows Event Viewer’s
Application logs. There may be some sort of library (.dll) conflict
due to another software having updated some system library.

If you’re stuck contact support to have a look on your system.