Crash Using Envelope Tool

I’ve just had 3 Harmony crashed in a row using the envelope tool in both Draw and Camera view. I’m just manipulating a simple one colour brush tool drawing. I’ve used the envelope tool before, and I haven’t installed any recent system upgrades [???]

This is a Window 8.1 computer. This summer I have installed security updates only. I thought I had gotten to a stable point with system updates, and decided to not roll the dice with Microsoft performance updates (that didn’t seem to address anything I needed anyway).

In case anyone is interested: the envelope tool works fine with a small group of strokes. I get the routine crash if I try to deform a rough sketch with a lot of brush strokes, in this instance a line drawing of a human head - no shading, just lines.

I have long suspected that Harmony has what some people refer to as memory leaks. What I have been told this means is that the software can’t handle a lot of calls for certain calculations at one instance, and instead of prioritising the calls and allocating memory in an orderly manner, when the program hits a level of demand that’s too high it just crashes.

I have an old license of Adobe After Effects that handles this better. Instead of crashing when there’s a memory issue, it sends me a prompt that it’s hit a memory limit. I can then use a ‘purge’ command that flushes what is in current ram, and keep working without having to exit the session. With Harmony adding more manipulation and compositing tools, maybe a memory handling feature should be looked into at Toon Boom. It’s not an issue with an Animate level app, and maybe it’s not a problem with the networked enterprise version of Harmony. However, this is certainly an issue with the Stand Alone product. Memory issues will need to ultimately be addressed if the solo license is going to continue to evolve, which I truly hope and look forward to it doing.

yes, there is a crash almost every time you use the envelope, even with few lines/strokes

same crash results here when using envelope tool. All vector images. Mac 3.46 GHz x 12, 96 GB RAM.

It’s possible that the recent O.S. update changed the graphic driver settings,
this has been seen happening previously. It may also be due to an underpowered
graphic card because using the envelope tool and deformers are relatively
costly in terms of graphic card memory usage (also depends on what else
may be claiming graphic card RAM in the scene).

If you’re on Windows, contact support to have a look at the driver settings.