Crash on loading a particular project

Hi, I’m having a bit of a problem, my project that was to be the storyboard for my college group piece, is in some way, corrupted, in that loading it from within toonboom causes the program to just close, and double clicking the project file in explorer brings up the ‘quit unexpectedly’ message. The last thing I think I did with it was export a PDF to see what it would look like, but it was too small so was going to choose a different setting this morning and bring it in today, which is obviously too late now, but yeah, I googled and searched this issue, but could only find the changing from open GL to direct 3D, this isnt an option in my preferences, but I unchecked the open GL options which makes no difference. I dont understand, it was working fine last night, and I can create new projects. I am on Windows 7 64x, running toonboom storyboard pro v8.1.0 (4108). I really hope someone can help, thank you