CRASH! :o(

Ok, now it happened, the crash!

Is there anything I can do about this?

When I tried to save my current work a message poped up telling me Toon Boom´s got a problem.
Now I can´t open the file, the same popup shows over and over again.
I´ve tried to restore the system (to yesterday), but it doesn´t work.

Several months of work is now down the drain, and I´m crying a river.



I am not quite sure what could have happened but if the software crashed while you were saving it is possible that the file is corrupted.

This being said you should be able to recover all of the drawings that you have done in the project by swapping the ones from the project that crashed to another one which has the same drawing created (you make drawings that contains a single strokes, as long as the files exist and can be replaced).

Hopefully this will be helping you out to some extent.

Best regards,