CPU exceeds 1000% when rendering in Harmony 17

I own a 2020 imac 5k with a 3.8 8 core i7 and 128g of ram. I am currently using Harmony 17 for work and lately, when I export a scene or render a scene, my cpu usage jump to over 1000 percent on my activity monitor. That seems really high, especially since I have 8 cores. Is this normal? This issue has caused my imac to freeze for 10 or so seconds and then the imac restarts itself. My older imac (mid 2011 2.5 quad core with 16g of ram) renders the same scene, but uses about 300 percent of its cpu.

At first I thought it was perhaps faulty RAM, but I did a test using memtest86 and after about 35 hours, there were no faults. Did a Diagnostic check, reset SMC and NVRAM. I even wiped my hard drive and did a fresh install of my OSX (catalina). Still, the cpu uses over 1000 percent.