Couple of annoying bugs

I really love this product and will continue to support it. However there are some things that I would like to see addressed or added to future versions.

Firstly the undo system is unreliable. I’ve tried limiting the undos to ten as recommended but the problems remains until I restart the program.

Also sometimes if I have an object selected on the stage and press z to zoom in the object disappears.

I mention these problems not so much as a complaint but in hopes for evolving software that is the best and most affordable vector animation program that I believe it to be.


hmm, the undo option is stored in a temporary cache that it will be washed out once you close the application. This is nothing you can do with the undo level. I think this is more about implementation instead of reliability issue that once you save the project before closing the application, it is not necessary to undo it to recover the mistake. For disappearing, I never see it but it is possible that the camera was not activated (selected) when z shortcut is used (z shortcut is used as different tool depending on the view (ex, Time Line, Xsheet…). Make sure you have selected camera active when you are using z shortcut. You can set ‘focus on mouse enter’ from preferences>general so that whenever you move your mouse point (ex, camera), the camera view will be active and then z shortcut will be used as zoom factor.

If you look in the prefs in camera or X sheet you will see that Z is actually to clear a drawing (I think), anyway it certainly isnt for zoom , alt z is for zoom. I know this because I used to make the same mistake !

Which shortcut set you are using? There are Toon Boom Harmony/Digital Pro and Flash and Toon Boom Studio. In general, zoom in and out factor in default setting is 1 and 2. For z, you can hold it to have magnifying lens. However this shortcut may be different depending on the shortcut set. Other possibility is that it may be zoomed too much that you only see the little area. You can always reset view with Shift + M if you are using default shortcut.