Could someone please explain what..

…this means, as written in the ‘output’ features?

"Produce a sequence of still JPEG. PSD or TGA images at the current storyboard frame rate or use one per panel"

frame rate?

I cannot find this in the manual ???

This is export to Bitmap in File menu. It generates one bitmap per panels.

Sebastien Miglio

Thank you Sebastian!

What i didn’t understand was the part about frame rate.
Either frame rate or per panel.


The export at Frame Rate is only available for the PRO version because it implies the animatic features (with dynamic camera motion).


Thank you Qhliaok and Sebastian,

As this WAS ORIGINALLY stated in the 'detailed features" for the standard storyboard, it had thrown me and hoped it could export the images in a ‘timed’ sequence - making possible empty panels or extending images to time.