could not obtain license

I have been getting a regular message

“could not obtain license to run this software.Report this error to your system administrator.Press OK when the license is available on your machine or when the license managaer service has been restored. Press quit to save your work or exit”

trying to ignore the message only crashes the program / although I can save the project I am also unable to export as a quicktime movie.

as you might expect this is a catastrophic disaster for a working board artist who paid good money for this program. Maybe someone here can help ?

Hi dermotE

Buying and installation problems usually gives right to support.

Hope you are soon up and running.


HAve you ever solved this issue? I just got the same message in the middle of an assignment, not good timing! I expect to have to wait a day until Toon Boom responds to me. Plus I am on an old version, v2.0, and you know how they never want to address issues on older software.