Could not load template file?!

Could not load template file (and then the name of the file)

What does that mean? I’m trying to use some of the templates I’ve saved in the Library, but I can’t open them. They don’t register in the Library apart from the name. It’s not all, but most of my recent ones.

I’ve saved some templates with drop shadows and such. Can that be the reason?


When you drag a template to your library and then close the animation project where you created that template without saving that project but you also didn’t quit out of TBS but instead opened a different project, I believe that the situation which you are describing is possible to occur. You can prevent this in one of two ways: (1) save all projects before you close them, or (2) save your global library before you close a project that you don’t want to save. I hope that this will give you some help. -JK