Costimize File Menu Hotkeys?

There are some things in the File Menu that don’t seem to exist in the Preference/Shortcut tab that I use a lot and would like to attach a hot key to.
Ok… so I can’t make this change from within the software… is there a txt file somewhere that contains this info so I can add a hotkey by force? Sort of like After Effects?

For example, I’d like to attach hotkeys to “Import Images” and “Export Movie”.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

I have not ever seen any responses from anyone including Toon Boom indicating you can designate shortcuts to things that are not already listed in the shortcut list.

IOW, you can change an existing shortcut and you can assign a shortcut to something in the list that does not have one by default but you cannot enter text and alter the list of actions that Toon Boom has designated as shortcut enabled.