Cosmos-Politans, "Heroines" snippet

My first release using Animate-2:

(It ends abruptly because it is just a sneak-peek of a larger toon to be released in the future.)

The website has had finicky behavior of late, which I’ve been trying to address. So if you experience any difficulties getting the toon to load, do share your experience so that I may hopefully be able to fix any bugs for you.

- Rashid

lol i liked it well done!

'Tanks. =)

The ending exchange became pretty funny, although a bit slow to get there it made me smile once it got into it.

Hope it isn’t another 8 years to the next part!


I think it’s very good. I like the mood of the piece.

Two observations: It’s a little dark and I didn’t think the heroine’s lips stood out enough. The voice of the bouncer sounds a little too “processed”/“robotic” to my ears.

I look forward to seeing some more.


Y’know, I’m finding that I agree with you on the pacing, thanks for the feedback. In particular, the bouncer’s second “gmngnmgnm”. When it was first written, it was intended to be shorter. But later it was decided to make it longer just in case viewers had too much to read (his subtitles + the sign.) But at the cost of pacing. It’s a nice visual joke, but I may trim it down. We’ll see.

Thank you, Bob.
The general darkness of the scene is intentional, to contrast with the sunshine coming up in the 3rd sneak-peek. I agree that her lips could be made to stand out more. I bought a new monitor at the last minute in order to see how things look on a more capable display than my dark laptop screen, and made adjustments accordingly. Some things got missed. I’ll look into that, thanks.

(Personally I think the bouncer’s voice is perfect, so it will be staying.)