Corupted files!!! SOS for my film.

I have several corrupted files that i need in order to complete my senior film on time. They were working fine for the majority of there existence and only now suddenly they have been corrupted! This is for my film I need it to graduate.

Here is a screen shot of the error message:

here is the other error message:

As you can see in the picture the time line is completely empty and so is the stage, very bad. I am using harmony.

Theoretically if i bust my hump like there is no tomorrow I could redo these scenes but they are both quite long and that is not really an option.

preemptive thank you.

the only thing i can say is to make sure you have backups of your work to an external or separate internal drive AT ALL TIMES. if you’re on a PC run File History. if you’re on a mac, run Time Machine. both of these options will incrementally back up your files so you have versions. professionally speaking, i’ve seen scenes just go kaput on animators (myself included). i’ve seen animators who havent saved their work all morning and their software crashes. it happens. i am paranoid about backups. a client does not care if my hard drives shits the bed and i have no backup.

now that is out of the way, try rooting through your elements folder. if your scenes are more traditionally drawn, you should be able to salvage your drawings from there and import them into another scene. otherwise you might be in a pickle i’m sorry to say.

lesson to be learned: ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK.

That second pic looks like it’s already trying to find the file on a secondary or back-up drive, and not the computer’s main drive or program folders. If that’s your default setting for where you’re working, so be it, but the problem is that if the ‘H:’ drive is your default for that scene, it may have been deleted or is corrupted due to a extra-drive malfunction or corruption . . . which is a danger in working directly onto a ‘back-up’ or secondary drive. I generally work off my computer’s main ‘C:’ drive, using programs/Harmony default, and save files ‘back-up’ via WD auto-save/back-up to an external hard drive.

All in all, do a search on your computer, and make sure that you didn’t accidently create a scene folder in different location without your assets. I’ve done that, or hit a ‘Save As’ in the wrong location on occasion, and the different pathways for locating assets will cause the program to have a fit.

If you’re part of a network (which I suspect, unless you own your own education version of Harmony which isn’t out of the question), you may be having network problems . . . the school’s network, that is. Unfortunately, if they purged the drive or messed up the files, it may be blasted into hyper-space, in which I hope you can still find the missing files, so definitely do a ‘hard-target search’ . . . you may have accidently created a saved scene within an unintended file folder, such as even a different project . . . but yeah, that might mean they’re gone for good. Still, check for messed-up pathways, though. You should have a student folder, and it should be intact, unless you’ve accidently deleted it . . . that happens sometimes, too. Sorry, and I hope you can find your stuff.

All a moot point, since now it’s past your ‘due date’, sadly.