Corrupted scene elements

Hello everyone

I’m new to Harmony and, in fact, this is my first post here. I started an animation on Harmony Advance (Trial) a couple of weeks ago, and just last night I suscribed for a year.
On my first night working with the paid version, I encountered a problem. After awhile, the elements in my scene started to get corrupted one by one. As I moved through the timeline, I got error dialog boxes (ex: “Unable to load c…\elements\head\head-1.tvg”) one after the other.

I googled around and found out old forum posts explaining that the “~” files are backup files, but simply renaming them didn’t work.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a project-breaking problem --I had a backup, and I only lost a couple of hours worth of work–, but it left me seriously worried. What could’ve caused it?

Some old forum posts suggested it might be due to a corrupted windows profile, but I doubt it. Everything did work ok for the weeks I worked with the trial version.

The only thing that changed between then and now is that I did a clean uninstall of Harmony (I was using Premium with my trial) before switching to Advance (after I paid). The strangest thing of it all is that the first couple of hours of work didn’t throw any errors, it’s like it suddenly decided to corrupt itself out of nowhere.

I want to know what might have caused so I can prevent it happening ever again. Hoping for a quick response, it’s not a great way to start as a new customer.

20150515 100533 001.png

Edit projects only from the internal hard drive of the system. Zip the projects before moving them, off the internal hard drive for archiving.

Avoid linking your folders where the projects are being edited to a backup or cloud storage as these can introduce delays which may cause corruption.
Also check for a virus.

yes I have ran into this problem before when using OneDrive. you have to make sure the files are local on your machine. or in this case. make sure they are synced.