corrupted files in V5

Having some problems with corrupted files in V5, which is a bit scary I have actually lost a days work too Yikes! Which is a worry on the first day of use.
Obviously we can’t risk it in production any further.
So will have to keep using V4.2 until there more info about it, what caused it and how to fix it.

So I get this ‘cannot open empty project’ message.
You can see it in the screen capture attachment.
We had a power outage which probably caused the corruption ( somehow?)
Does anyone have any clues on how to rectify this?
I remember being able to fix things like this when all the scene elements still exist, but it must be a hack of some kind.

Hello! I had the exact same problem on my trial. Everything froze, I restarted the computer and my saved file can’t be opened (same error as the image from original poster) Account is logged in and I lost an entire day of work! I just can’ t open anything on that file. Help?

I had this thing a few times with STB 4.2. And STB 5 does the same. I figured out for myself what was the cause of those corrupted files: in the finder, I moved, the fondre from one place to somewhere else while the project was actually opened in storyboard Pro. If I qui the app, if I open this project, all my layers are blank. The best way to open it again, is to launch STB Pro and IN THE FINDER look for your file and click on it. It works for me. Hope it helps.

Hi Chucky,

Sorry you have had a bad experience on your first day with the new version. We have not seen this sort of corruption here and the power outage could very possibly be the cause.

Would it be possible for you to zip your project and send it to our support team so we can analyze it? they will be able to assist you with transferring the file if you need help.