Corrupted file


One of my toon boom files got corrupted. Is there any way to import the tbd files into a new one?

It’s only a little sequence, but when I open it up it keeps crashing (unlike other files, which are fine). I don’t want to have to draw it again… too busy!

I’m new at this, sorry. Please help???


The only way to import drawings themselves into an foreign animation project is to simply create the same drawings you had (you can base yourself on the name of the tbd files) in the new project and after the placeholders are created replace them by the drawings. Make sure you shut down Toon Boom Studio after creating the placeholders to avoid writing over the files that were replaced.

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Here is the step by step procedure based on Ugo’s recommendation which I tested and which will work.

PC (version) Mac version would be similar but involves going inside packaged files

step 1:
using Windows Explorer go to the folder for your corrupted project and go to the scene folder>drawings folder that contains your element that you want to recover. Make note of the element’s name and the number of cells you created in that element. For example drawing-1, drawing-2, drawing-3,…drawing-20. Select all of the cell files (TBD files) for the desired element and copy them.

step 2:
launch your TBS application and create a new project.

step 3:
create an element in this new project that has the same identical name as the element you want to recover from your corrupted project. In this example the element is named "drawing"

step 4:
create cells in your newly created element for the cell numbers you will want to recover from your corrupted element. In this example drawing-1, drawing-2, drawing-3,…drawing-20. You have to do more than just insert a range of cells from 1 to 20, you actually have to put some content into each of these “placeholder” cells. Just a line or any mark in the cell will do to signal to TBS that it needs to actually create the cell. Once you have created the desired placeholder cells, save your project and quit out of the TBS application.

step 5:
now go back to Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder for your new project and go to the scene folder and the drawing folder inside that scene folder. You will see that there are files named drawing-1, drawing-2, drawing-3,…drawing-20 in that folder. So paste the files you copied in step 1 into that folder. You will be asked if you want to replace the existing files of the same names and your response is “yes”.

step 6:
re-launch the TBS application and open your project file and you will now see that the cells from your corrupted project are now in your newly created project. You can now use them there or move them to your global library and reuse them in any other projects except the one that you knew was corrupted.

Hope this is clear and helpful…nice recover and save thanks to Ugo. -JK

Hi, thanks for your help.

I ended up animating it again, but this will prove useful for the next time it might happen, and maybe it will help others too.