Corrupt templates?

Some of the templates I have just created in my library show the correct thumbnail with the name, also show the same correct thumbnail in the Drawing Substitution window when clicked on, but when dragged into a timeline frame, the wrong template is loaded. In Edit Template mode, the correct image also displays. Tried closing and reopening the program which did not help.

Some templates created in the same day do display and load correctly.

I have Animate Pro 2 on Mac OSX.

Can anyone help?

Thank you, Lilly, I will do that. I was finally able to do a workaround by dragging the template to a new layer and on a part of the timeline not close to other occupied frames, where it displayed correctly, then creating a symbol from that and dragging the symbol into the frame where I wanted it to be.

I am good at finding workarounds, but that is not what I should have to be doing! :slight_smile:

PS, I admire your succinct and intelligent tutorials.

Maybe you were bringing in a template with the same drawing names as those in the layer. For example let’s say you have a layer A in the scene with drawings 1,2,3 already present. Now you bring a template with one layer on layer A and the drawings in the template are also called 1,2,3,4,5 etc. By default it would not replace the 1,2,3 by the new images but just expose the already existing images.

If you want to add new images you would have to do a Paste Special when you drag the template into the scene. To do this press the Alt key when importing the template> it will open the Paste Special box> choose “Always Create Drawing files” instead of the default “Only create drawing files when they don’t exist”.

Thank you for your suggestions. I try to give my templates all distinctive names but I suppose they could be confused with the layer name. I had not heard of the Paste Special feature and think that might be the answer I need. I will report back after I try it.

The name of the template is not the issue it’s the name of the cells.

I’d recommend writing in to, perhaps you can include the problem templates and they can take a look.