corrupt .sboard file?

I’m using the demo. I have a .sboard file that I did some sketches in. A couple of days later, when I click it or open it from the app, the app just quits. No warning or anything. Other files work fine. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Is there any way to recover my work?Thanks

Hi,You could most likely recover all of your drawings by loading them from the file structure in your template library. There you would need to import them one by one in the project and do the timing of your scenes again.Best regards,Ugo

Hi,I’ve seem to get the same problem. After having imported all the drawings again and redid most of the timing (hundreds of shots) I’ve saved the storyboard. After opening the file the application quits. Is there something wrong with one of the tvg files perhaps?Thanks in advance,Rombout

I’m kinda new to storyboard pro, and I’ve had the same trouble. I also cant find any of the work in my library if I start a new session. Trying to load the corrupt one just quits out of storyboard completely.It’s possible I’m not looking through the library the right way, any help would be appreciated!

Okay, I’ve been able to locate the images in my library, they were pretty tough to get in order but I found them. So after about 6 hours of intensive work I had finally caught up to where the corruption occurred and made some new progress when the same thing happened all over again!!I’m really frustrated because I’ll be building this for a 3rd time the next time round, and I have no idea whats causing the problem or how to fix it. Does anyone have any suggestions?I can find the images and start over, but how do I fail safe my work?

That kind of bug can jeopardise an artists income and career, yikes.Hard to explain that to coordinators or producers.

Yeah, I think I lost about 15 hours of work, so if it was a paid project I would be even less happy with life right now!I think I’ve come up with a stop-gap solution. I do all the work again (again!) and as I go, frequently save, copy the whole project to an external hard drive, change it’s name and continue. Hopefully if the file gets corrupted again I’ll have a recent update saved. I’ll probably start a brand new storyboard after the most recent save and continue the process from there.It wont bring back any of my lost work, but hopefully it will prevent any further losses.

Are you working with Storyboard 1.5? Are you working on a local drive or on a remote drive? Sometimes there can be problems when you save remotely, it’s always best to work on a local drive then transfer it over to a remote drive.~LillyToon Boom Support