Everytime I click on my app, it says it is either empty or corrupt (its not empty) and its a gamble if my file will be lost when I click on it. I need help.

Hi I noticed you haven’t had any replies,
first I would suggest duplicating the project, to back it up, then work with the duplicated files to try and fix the issue.
you might try opening the .xstage file in notepad(so you don’t actually have to open toon boom I might add), it contains plain text, have a look to
see if there is anything that looks wrong, and remove the wrong tags if you find any.

the other thing to look out for is whether you have anything unwanted in the elements folder(like a corrupt tvg. these are files that contain actual drawings), delete anything, tvg files that could
be causing the software to fail loading the project, then try reopening(open the duplicated version so you don’t break the original.),

replace the file such as a tvg which could be corrupt with the tilde version, which is a temporary version of that file when you last closed the project, by removing the
squigly line at the end

If you go into the “elements” folder of the project
and examine its sub-folders, are there any drawing files

If there are, try this…
Rename the projectname.xstage file to projectname.xstage_
Rename the projectname.aux file to projectname.aux_
Remove the tilde character from the backup files so that they are now named
projectname.xstage and projectname.aux