corell painter, photoshop and TBS. please help

hello guys, ive got a bit of a problem. I had originally started making an animation using Photoshop and corell painter. what I did was paint the characters and backgrounds using corell, and then divided each character’s body parts into layers with Photoshop. then I would move each body part that required movement, frame by frame in Photoshop. Then I would import each frame into sony vegas or adobe premiere and edit everything there. Tedious I know.

having recently discovered TBS has made everything so much easier and efficient. but im wondering if there is any way I can import my character’s body parts from Photoshop, and assemble them in toon boom studio as a cutout character. I apologize for the lengthy read, but any help would be immensely appreciated.

Hi replay,

Importing a PSD with layers is one of the feature on my wish list for the next upgrade.

For now, everything gets flatten inside the PSD.

BUT you can use an existing script inside photoshop to export each layers as a seperated psd file. Then you can import all the layers individually.

Choose File Menu => Scripts =? Export Layers to File.

You might need a recent version of photoshop (CS or CS2). I’m not sure when they included that script. If you don’t have it just let me know and maybe I can make one for your version.


im pretty sure my photoshop comes with that script, thanks tho. one more thing, would i have to prepare the images in any way before i import them into tbs? you said in another thread that its best to make the background transparent using programs like The Gimp. how can i do this in photoshop?

Hi replay,

When using the script export layers to file, it will not make a opaque background. Only what you see on the layer will be included (having a transparent background by default).

Just use the script then open each file to see the results, it will help you understand how that works.

In theory, all you have to do is use the script and import the new psd files in TBS. You should have transparency. I tried it that way and it worked very well.

If it doesn’t work here is how to have a transparent background image:

You can create a new canvas if required File => New and choose the background color to be transparent.