Corel Painter Backgrounds resolution

I am experimenting with corel painter 8 for making backgrounds does anyone have any experience with it or any other program photoshop ect. i am using painter 1 because I have it 2. I want a hand painted look for skies mountains water ect. my question is at what resolution is best to use for the best quality i want to make some long backgrounds to pan my characters walking I did one at 72 pixels per inch and it looked kind of blurry and those files get very large at 150 or 300 pixels. I would appreciate any input ???

The resolution you use for the background would depend entierly on the format you plan to output your animation to. If you had a static background that was going to be used on PAL TV (European TV standard), you would want it to be at least 768x576 pixels large. Making it at a greater resolution would be a good idea if your computer can handle it. You can always make smaller versions of the background for use in ToonBoom for faster interaction. But if you have a high resultion version, you can go back to that when you one day need to output your film for 35mm film or HDTV.

Note that the PAL standard does not use square pixels like a computer screen does. The actual resolution of PAL TV is 720x576, but it’s better to work at 768x576 and changing the resolution later when transfering to video. If you worked at 720x576 on the computer, and transfered it straight to video all your drawings would look squashed. Check out this page for more information on resolution and specs for other TV and video standards (NTSC is the one used in the US).

If you want to do panning backgrounds you just need to figure out how big they need to be relative to your resolution. For instance, a panning background 3 times wider than the area shown in the camera for a PAL TV film, would need to be 576 pixels high, and 3x768=2304 pixels wide.

Pixels per inch is irrelevant when doing film. It’s used for printing and scanning, i.e. when comparing a resolution (pixels) to real world measurments (inch). When outputing something to a screen, it’s the total resoltion of the screen/output format that matters.


Thanks for the input I am working with NTSC standards in my drawing programs like painter the canvas is measured in pixels per inch I don’t know how that translates into aspect ratios but unless i am wrong when you bring a background into Toon Boom you want it to be 72 pixels per inch and you have to prepare it at the size you want it to be before you import it because if you make it larger after you import it you lose the quality and toon boom shrinks the size of the image to fit into the drawing mode work area so you have to resize it in screen planning mode to the original size. the back ground I made in painter is 22.5 inches by 60 inches wide. Toon Boom takes care of the aspect ratio when you export your movie I have ran some test and burned a DVD and it looks good ;D