Copying the static camera

This is what the manual says about copying a camera position:

Copying the Static Camera from One Scene to Another
If you need to reuse a camera position, you can copy and paste it from one scene to another. It is not necessary
to have the Camera tool selected to perform this operation.
To copy the camera position from one scene and paste it into another:

  1. In the Timeline view, select the scene from which you want to copy the Static Camera.
  2. Select Camera> Copy Camera from Selected Panels.

Whenever I try to do this, the menu command is greyed out (inactive), so I can’t copy the camera. It is driving me round the bend, as the program doesn’t give me any clue as to what condition has to be met in order to make this command active! Can anyone help?

Well, this is a pretty useless forum if you need an answer to anything. Does anyone ever visit here? Maybe someone from Toonboom?..

Hi Barry (dean here ) . Yes its pretty useless generally but occasionally you get a reply - .
I did a bit of testing for you and I found I can copy without selecting the static camera. I tried to reproduce why yours is greyed out but couldn’t do it .
I am using 4.1 on a mac mountain lion .

Try separating the panels into individual panels not scenes ( its how we like to do it anyway ,right ) Also make sure you have clicked in the drawing window not the actual thumbnail timeline . Sometimes the program doesn’t let you do things if you are in certain windows.
If that doesn’t work gimme a call and we might be able to fix it . I know what you are going through - without static camera you have no frame of reference for you panels .

Hi Dean (is that Dean Roberts?), thanks for adding a comment. I didn’t check here for a long time and wasn’t sent an alert that anyone had replied.

I’m still stuck on this, but I’m working on a PC so the program might behave a little differently. It doesn’t matter whether I have individual panels or they are part of a scene (why wouldn’t you use scenes anyway?), I can select anywhere I want, but the menu item to copy camera from selected panels stays obstinately grey and inactive.