copying Symbols has weird naming criteria

when I copy and paste a Symbol within the Library to create a variation (say, a walk with a different cycle), I have a lot of difficulty finding the new Symbol.
The thing that puzzles me is that the new name is not - as I would expect - a variation of the original name, but the name of the first layer inside the Symbol! 0_o

Example: if my symbol is ‘Dude_walk’, and I do a Copy/Paste, I don’t get ‘Dude_walk_copy’. I get a Symbol with the name of whatever the first layer of the Symbol is.

If you have a Library of dozens of Symbols a simple operation like duplicating Symbols can really be confusing.
And having to scroll the library up and down in search of the copied Symbol is quite annoying.

Couldn’t Animate just create the name duplicating and placing it smack next to the original Symbol? That would seem logical and very straightforward.
But maybe I’m missing some fundamental point and there’s a way to get it to copy correctly.



I think your point is totally valid. I would recommend you to post it on the feature request section of this forum.

Thanks for your feedback,


Thank you for answering Marie-Eve.
I will post a request for this.