copying shrinking and enlargeing

How do I take one single image and repeat the image frame to frame …making that image larger are smaller without redrawing it .Say abird flies from a castle …how does that castle get smaller …whwt zoom techniques ( if any ) do I use

hi there darklord,

There are a number of ways you could achieve what you’re looking for, and I suggest you play with all of them to see which one (or combination) suits your needs best. Here’s a brief run-down:

1) as rodneylr said, you can make use of pegs and set keyframes to manipulate the size/shape/position of your elements. Using your castle example, you would have your castle on it’s own element, then using the transform tool, set a keyframe in frame 1 to set the size/position you want. Let’s say it takes 50 frames for the bird to fly away, if you go to frame 50 then, and again using the transform tool, you can reduce the size of your castle to whatever you want at the end of your scene. FYI that example will yield a very mechanical “tweened” look with just 2 keys set and with an even velocity. You may want to tinker with the function editor or insert more keys, but that’s another post.

2) Again using pegs, but this time on the camera instead of on the element itself. Drawing elements contain their own peg internally, the camera needs to be attached to a peg manually. So create a peg element & attach the camera. Now you can alter the position of the camera itself, so if you “truck out” the camera, all your elements will get smaller as you move away from them. You can also adjust the camera’s FOV(zoom in & out) by moving the black slider along the bottom of the camera’s red border.

3) Here’s one that may or may not look good depending on the flight pattern of your bird. Assuming the bird is on its own element, attach the camera to the bird, making it a child of the bird’s internal peg. Now the camera will move with the bird and you can still move the camera & alter its FOV & such without affecting the bird. But as the bird flies away, the camera will go with it, and your castle should appear smaller.

Hope some of that helps & made sense. If it didn’t just keep asking, but you may get some assigned reading :stuck_out_tongue: ;D
good luck

Thanks for all the info …I will try out all of these ideas …I am most grateful …I am an animator who has done cell and cameraless animation ( which I am known for ) …the computer is a little more task orientated for me . Also for some reason I am having problems with some tutorials >>>I cannot access the readable type [this is another problem that has not been solved of yet ) ! Thank for such a beautiful forum.
Robert (darklord )

to RedSpectra and others …I have tried to do what you guys have shown me but I am yet not familiar enough with the soft ware to make it happen…I will keep plugging away at it …and or someone will lend me a hand …it is embarrassing …but I am sure help is what I need !


please don’t be embarassed at all. Learning new software is a tricky thing in the best case, and while TBS is a great program, it most definitely has a learning curve with it. If you are already an accomplished animator, then just take your time & read everything you can on the software. Do some quick trial & error stuff to get started, & once you have a grip on the software, you’ll be off & running.
Trust me, I have the opposite problem - I understand a lot of the software’s capabilities, but I am still learning the fundamentals of animation. I do understand the frustration that comes with any new program, but believe me I’d trade problems with you any day :slight_smile:

Now, like I said above, there will be some assigned reading :stuck_out_tongue:
Check this stuff out & along with some exercises, you’ll be crankin out toons in no time. And always feel free to keep asking questions.
Toon Boom Wiki page on pegs:
JK’s Tips & tricks thread:;action=display;threadid=2631

And in the TBS manual: p17, 24, 62, 81-83, and chapters 6-8. That all applies to your question and should help. Also, these video tutorials by Steve Ryan are pretty dated, from V2.0, but most of the stuff discussed still applies. But you may want to give them a look, you can find them at the bottom of this thread:;action=display;threadid=2054

If you can be more specific as to what areas are causing you problems, we can more specifically address your needs. I highly recommend you read all the articles posted in my Cartooning in Toon Boom blog listed below as they are designed to be introductory and to help more traditionally oriented animators to understand the transition from classical methods to the newer software assisted methods. -JK