copying & pasting cells

I’ve been trying this for a weeks now. I’ve watched the butterfly tutorial and have done exactly what it said to do when copying and pasting cells to animate the wings. It doesn’t allow me to create a new drawing to have the wings in an up position, then copy and paste and put the wings in a down position. I know in Studio I would just use the ctrl+shift+v to do this, but there is no shortcut for this in animate. Could someone please tell me how to creat a second drawing from copying and pasting without changing the original drawing?

Simply, copy the drawing object, selecting it with selection tool in the current cell, then paste the drawing object in a blank cell, or swap to 0 in the drawing substitution window (in the library view upper left side) in the current drawing cell, and modify it to the new shape. As you know, you can reorder his drawings later swapping all the content of the drawing element as you need.
You can too, copy the cell from the timeline (in timeline right-click in the cell), then paste special, check: Always create exposure, this method preserves the drawing pivot, because you aren´t using a blank cell with centered default drawing pivot.
Hope that helps.


What I think is happening is the following. There’s a difference between copying and pasting in the timeline and copying and pasting from the drawing view.

When you copy and paste cells in the timeline, what it does is it copies the EXPOSURE. What I mean by this is, let’s say that you’ve done a drawing in the first cell, let’s call this drawing 1. If you copy that cell and paste it later in the timeline, it will do the action “I want to use drawing 1 again”.

Drawing View:
When you use the select tool and copy a drawing object in the drawing view, and then go to a new cell and paste this drawing object, it creates a NEW drawing, let’s say by naming it drawing 2. This is what you want to do.

As Yoryo said, you can always check to see if it made a new drawing by going to the library window and swapping the drawings in the drawing substitution window.

Hope this helps!