Copying motion in reverse order

I am trying to reuse simple motion. Say, downscaling a circle in 8 frames. This stuff gets into library automatically. I just see it there.
1. When I drag and evetually drop into time line all 8 frames are represented by only 1 frame. Little bit strange. Question why? later I figured out that can expanf that 1 frame by dragging it to any direction (back and forth). It may make motion fit into not 8 origianl frames but to any number of frames. May sound like a feature (not described though)
2. Main question is - why my motion (copied from the library) is always in a reverse order? Is something wrong with trial version of TBS 4.0?
Thanks in advance!

-what steps and tool do you use to create your 8 frame circle movement?
-i can’t get mine to show automatically in the library … what is the extension on the file you see in the library?

-i can’t get my movement to be in reverse order, did you make the motion yourself or was it already in the library?