Copying keyframes from drawing layer to peg

It doesn’t seem to be possible to copy keyframes from a drawing layer onto a peg. I know that they work differently (especially with regard to pivots) but shouldn’t they be able to hold the same coordinates and animation curves (at least values that both can handle)? Does anyone know a way to do this?

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I was attempting to reorder the first keyframe in my running liveliness cycle and add it toward the finish to begin rehashing it, however as opposed to replicating it continues utilizing the keyframe from previously MyBalanceNow

I know this post is super dooper old, but it came up as a top search result when I was googlling the same problem, and I worked out the issue, so I thought I’d share it for posterity.
By default, Pegs use the “3D path” way of recording position information, where xyz are stored in one 3D property, whereas drawings default to the “separate” option, where x, y, and z are three properties. If you try to copy keys made for one onto the other Harmony does nothing, because there aren’t matching properties (and no one bothered to program the really simple fix it would’ve required).
To work around this limitation, you can set the destination layer to use the same mode as the source layer. In the case of copying keys from a drawing to the peg, set the peg to use the “separate” mode via the node properties dialog, then you’re all g to copy over.

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