copying keyboard shortcuts

I’m a Computer teacher using TBS 4. I’ve created my own keyboard shortcuts in TBS. I would like to push these into my students’ preference set, so that they can use them too. But I haven’t found a way to do this. Copying and pasting my TBS preferences into their preference folders didn’t work. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks.

Copying your TBS User preference should work, are you using Mac or Windows?

On Mac, the preferences are in the /Users/username/Library/Preferences folder under the name com.toonboom.toonboomstudio4.0.plist.

On windows, they are in the registry under CURRENT_USER/Software/Toon Boom Animation Inc./Toon Boom Studio 4.0.

Make sure that the application is not running when you copy the preferences otherwise the software will overwrite them.

Hi Simon,

Thanks very much for your reply. Sorry about the delay in mine. (I’d forgotten to check the ‘notify of replies’ box.)

I’m on a Mac, and I replaced the student’s preference file with mine. I also made sure the program wasn’t running on either machine, and that the student was logged out. Unfortunately, no luck, though… My customized keyboard shortcuts (like Command-Shift-N for a new element) don’t take effect in the student environment.

I’d sure appreciate any other ideas you might have on this.

If you are copying the preference from your account to the student’s, make sure that the file permissions will allow the student to access it.

You can see this by doing Get Info on the file or by using chmod in the terminal.

Finally got it – thanks for your help, Simon. I’d overlooked the Workgroup Manager moves I needed to do to make the preference stick around in the students’ accounts. (If anyone else uses WGM and is trying to copy their shortcuts to Computer Lab users, you’d go to Preferences → Details, and add your preference to your users’ sets there.)