Copying Frames

I didn’t like how when you copy an image from one frame to another, any edits you make will occur to the other ones as well. Is there any way to turn this off?

You are copying images the wrong way. If you want to make an actual copy of your image rather than a clone then you should create a blank drawing frame and copy/paste the vectors from the original drawing into the new one. Alternately if you are using copy/paste shortcuts, for pasting use Command/Ctrl+shift+V (Command for Mac, Ctrl for Windows) instead of Command/Ctrl+V.

A concept to research is the difference between cloning and duplicating. A clone is just another appearance of the original element. A duplication is a separate/independent copy of the original element. Duplicating allows you to make changes only to the new element that do not effect the original.

use the black cursor from the drawing menu to select your whole drawing, then copy and paste on another frame. Now, it won’t change your previous drawing.