Copying drawings into next frame

Hi again!
I was wondering if there was a way to automatically get the drawings from a previous frame into the new frames.

In Flash the drawings on a layer will transfer over to every frame after the initial frame.

It would speed things up a lot more haha.

If u can help, lemme know thanks!

Hi there,

So I gather you just want to extend the exposure of a drawing?

If so, Like Flash, all you need to do is select the empty frame that you want to drawing to be exposed to (turns pink temporarily) and then press F5. The drawing’s exposure extends to this frame.

Hope that helped.

Also, when you select the frame you want to extend to the next frame, you can also just press “-” or “+” to subtract or add “1” frame worth of exposure to that drawing.

So if I made a drawing on my first frame but I want it to stay on screen for 5 frames, I would just press “+” while the frame is selected to extend it to 5 frames. This however will add more frames to the entire drawing layer, causing other drawings that may appear after this drawing to be pushed back. To avoid this, this is where the F5 extend exposure command comes in handy as mentioned before because it will instantly extend the drawing to whatever you have selected.